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Thank you for registering to attend WIBO’s 16-week How to Build a Growing Profitable Business.  If you think you qualify for one of our scholarships please fill in the form on the right.  During the interview, we will discuss what documents we need to qualify you for a scholarship.

You will receive an email with the date, time and log in, call in information for your interview.  Please remember we will not call you must either log in for a face to face conference or call in.  We prefer face to face, however, if it does not work for you please call into the phone number provided.

If you are applying for a scholarship, complete this form and later provide proof of income or other required documentation.

*Eligible forms of proof of income include your last pay stub, most current w-2 form or 1040. If you were discharged from the military or recently released from prison, we’ll need copies of your discharge papers. 

*You must submit your proof of income to be considered for an income-based scholarship. Fresh Start Scholarships are available for the formerly incarcerated. Patriot Scholarships are available for veterans. 

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