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WIBO Small Business Survive and Thrive Guide.

WIBO has responded to this worldwide pandemic by doing everything we can to assist our small business community with advice and coaching to help them through this crisis.

We took a collection of the advice that we’ve been giving to our small business owners and created this guide. WIBO Small Business Survive and Thrive Guide.

This guide was written to provide you with crucial skills and insights to seize those unique opportunities that come from uncertainty in business.

The guide consists of 12 Things To Do To Overcome Challenging Times

  1. It May Be Hard But Don’t Give Up
  2. Manage Your Mindset
  3. Clarify The Problem
  4. Focus On Your Customers
  5. Conduct A SWOT Analysis
  6. Create Objectives And A Plan
  7. Work With Your Tribe
  8. Reduce Costs
  9. Manage Your Cash Flow
  10. Meet With An Accountant
  11. Use Low Cost Marketing
  12. Be Persistent, Be Creative And Pivot

Download this guide and use the steps to survive and thrive in these times.

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